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The Social Impact List

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This list recognizes Minnesotan-based organizations,
both for-profit and nonprofit alike, who are intentionally making a positive social and environmental impact.

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With the help of 6 Social Enterprise Ambassadors, all exemplary and distinguished models of social enterprises, we put the call out for nominations and applications to find those organizations that are blending purpose alongside making profits. Over 80+  nominations came in from across the region identifying outstanding Public Benefit Corporations and B Corps, nonprofits, and social businesses who are committed to social change. A committee of social enterprise supporters then narrowed down the list to 4 leading social enterprises that are creatively utilizing the social enterprise business models to challenge the status quo and tackle our communities most intractable challenges including:

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Meet Our 2019 Featured Social Enterprise Stories

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Highlights from Our 2019 Ambassadors

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Hear the stories behind our region’s top social enterprises, meet the extraordinary leaders who started them, see how purpose drives the these organizations to greatness, and how they are utilizing business for the biggest impact at the showcase event happening May 8th!

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Thank you to all the 80+ nominees, all listed below, who are a contributing to the purpose-driven economy!



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This list of organizations and businesses have committed to integrate social impact as a legal component of their business model by declaring Public Benefit Corporation status and/or have undergone a rigorous evaluation through B Corp certification that measures a company’s social and environmental performance.  

Hippy Feet, GBC
Hoyo, SBC
KinoSol, SBC
La Doña, SBC
Mobility 4 All, GBC
New Rules, GBC
Peace Coffee*
Smart Set, Inc.*
Social Impact Strategies Group*
SolarHoney Company, GBC
The Improve Group, SBC*
United by Bike, SBC

 Apex Efficiency Solutions, SBC
Apparatus, GBC
Ballinger|Leafblad, SBC
Binary Bridge, SBC
Black Women's Wealth Alliance, SBC
Butter Bakery Cafe, GBC
ClipDifferent, GBC
thedatabank, GBC*
Ecotone Analytics, GBC*
Events by Lady K, GBC
Fair Anita, SBC
Hair, Head & Heart, GBC*



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Breaking the mold of tradition, these nonprofits have diversified their income and added an innovative revenue source, welcoming them into the world of business for good. For them social enterprise is a powerful complement to other activities by advancing the social mission and the financial independence of the work they do each and every day.

Minnesota Tool Library
Pillsbury United Communities (North News)
Pollen Midwest
PRISM (People Responding in Social Ministry)
Realtime Talent
Stories Foundation
Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity ReStore
Urban Ventures

 African Development Center (Jambo Kitchen)
All Square
Cookie Cart
Cycles for Change
Elpis Enterprises
Eureka Recycling
Green Garden Bakery
Home & Heritage
Juxtaposition Arts
Minnesota Children's Museum



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This list includes the many organizations, startups, and consultants that identified with a social mission that are using purpose to redefine what it means to run a successful business. While they are not all legally bound by their social purpose, their mission is integrated into every aspect of their work.

Invested Interests
julia elise
Junita's Jars
SJC Consulting
Spence Specialties ANEW
Synapse Minnesota
Two Bettys Green Cleaning Service
Vetiver Solutions*

Academy For Women Empowerment
Atlas Provisions
Ceiba Fôrte Law Firm
Divas Fair Trade
Dual Citizen Brewing Company
Ethel Studio
Financial Adventure; Treasure My Future
GogyUp Inc
Guide & Seek
Gutterpunk Coffee
Hands & Feet
House of Talents




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 Hosted by:

Social Enterprise Alliance Twin Cities is a chapter of a national organization that has been the champion and key catalyst for the development of the social enterprise sector in the United States. SEA TC is central to the movement of organizations, businesses, and individuals who dedicate themselves to social progress through social enterprise, committed to building a purpose driven economy that creates equity for all. Our mission is to transform the communities in which we live and operate through sustainable social businesses – commercial nonprofits or for-profit benefit companies (B-corp, PBC, SBC, etc.) who have declared social purposes that are oriented around people, planet, and profit.

Stories by:

Pollen invests in human connection to fuel momentum for social change. Founded in the belief that social change comes from being in deeper connection with a robust and diverse network of humans, Pollen shares stories of individuals that reveal how interconnected we truly are, hosts events where essential conversations happen, and links people to personal and professional opportunities. Pollen serves and engages a network of 10,000+ Pollenites—individuals who want to make a positive impact in their community, who network with a purpose, who want to tackle thorny issues, and who embrace their civic responsibility.